I Hate Interviews!!

Every now and then we hear a couple (or planner) comment that they don't want filmed interviews. I couldn't agree more.

While many of our clients wind up talking while the camera is rolling, a formal "interview" interferes with the natural flow of the day, can make the subject feel awkward and unnatural, and is anything but unobtrusive. 

When clients of ours indicate their comfort with the idea, we may casually have conversations with them on their wedding day. We have already established a comfortable relationship with our clients, so chatting with one of us while on camera is often spontaneous. Given our backgrounds as stress management consultants and therapists, a bit of conversation can be relaxing to our clients as well. Is it necessary? Of course not! We've been hired by clients who don't want to know we're around, and we're glad to oblige them. We've filmed weddings hiding behind trees in the Public Garden, or using extra long lenses from behind church pillars.

Of course grandparents and parents often DO want to make a few comments in front of the camera and when they do, we happily oblige, offering them a little prompting and direction so that we don't get "just wanted to say congratulations and wish you a wonderful life" and instead capture something more meaningful and personal.

On-camera reflection can add an emotional dimension to your wedding or mitzvah film that is very special. But rest assured: If it's not your cup of tea, it's not going to be part of our work with you. 

Before we ever take the lens caps off our cameras, we will know what's important to you, and how we can personalize our service to best meet your needs. 

Here's a video we made a few camera generations ago - for clients who wanted no interviews.