From one of our all-time favorite Mandarin Oriental brides. I have to say this left us blushing!

"We are sitting here having just now watched our wedding video. After so many days of transition and difficult moving, we decided to make an occasion out of our video viewing and our anniversary, today, seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's hard to believe it was a year ago.

But, as I sit here now, I think to myself that if anything could have been better than the wedding itself, your video for us would be it! 

You have literally moved me to tears with the beautiful and moving editing, music, and general "feel" of what you were able to accomplish. I and WE loved every minute of it!  

And you absolutely nailed it with the song from our first dance! When I saw how you expertly handled the music over the mistake the DJ made with the arrangement, I was thrilled! And how you ended the video with the words from the Ramazzotti song, well, it was beyond perfect!

You took the best of each moment at the wedding and made it even better, as only an expert filmmaker can do. Thank you and Jack so much for your effort, your kindness and for giving us a lasting memory that we will treasure forever.

We look forward to that prosecco toast with you when we return to Boston at some point in the spring! Till then, let your ear rings with our praise and your hearts feel our gratitude."