To Film or Not To Film Your Wedding?

You've hired a great photographer. You love your venue. The flowers promise to be amazing. The colors are just what you wanted. You love your fiancee' (or fiance'). You are ready to take that wonderful walk down the aisle to marry the man or woman of your dreams in just a few weeks or days. Your best friend, mom, dad or uncle asks you about your wedding videographer. You brush the question off, smiling, and say:

1. I don't want a videographer. They will just be in the way, and anyway, we're already over budget.

2. We'll have wonderful still pictures and don't need video.

3. I hate having all those cameras and lights around.

4. We'll never watch the video anyway.

I hear you. I also hear all those couples who wish they had hired a good videographer to capture vows, toasts, blessings, as well as all the subtle and ever-changing expressions and gestures that pass between and among all the close friends and family during the day. 

Your photographer can capture magical moments during the day but only your wedding cinematographer can capture all the scenes and interactions and SOUND.

We want to thank the father of the bride who at the very last minute (yesterday morning!) realized that he didn't want to regret having not filmed his daughter's stunning wedding at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. We want to thank our friend and colleague, photographer, Corinne Schippert for thinking of us.
And, we want to thank our newest intern for showing up and working with us on
(literally!) a moment's notice.

There were so many tender interactions. I especially loved the many expressions that flickered across the groom's face as he watched his bride.
My eyes filled with tears (as they often do) as I watched - closeup, with a long lens - the parent dances.

Yes, it was challenging to put together a film crew at the very last minute. BUT we are very glad we could - and know that the family will be as moved as we were when  they see the trailer. Just the slow and sweet dance between one of the grandfathers and his girl friend could have made the last-minute decision worthwhile.

BTW - a good cinematography team should hardly be in the way - and many of our couples watch their wedding film on each and every anniversary. What a great way to remember why you married your partner!