Rebecca and Tovy at Fairmont Copley Plaza

What a gorgeous wedding!

It started for us on Sunday morning when photographer, Corrine Schippert, called me ... and all I heard for a moment was the sound of laughter. It was 11 am on a Sunday morning, and I was on my second cup of coffee, while Jack was playing a double header softball game with his local team.

Once Corinne stopped laughing, she told me that one of her bride's dads had just contacted her asking if she could find a videographer to film the wedding which was scheduled to start at 3 PM THAT DAY. I contacted the dad, indicated that I needed to contact my partner, and sent out a quick contract, then began to charge batteries.

I texted Jack (who was probably in the middle of a serious pitch) knowing that it was unlikely that we'd get in contact any time soon. A little after noon, I heard back from Jack, we were a go - and we began to pack our gear.

So glad we did. Rebecca (the bride) had a very elderly grandfather. We caught him dancing with his girlfriend off to the side, away from the dance floor. That moment alone made our day - although there were many other memorable moments including some lovely toasts from both sets of parents.

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Ballroom was stunning with fairy lights strung across the cobalt blue lit ceiling. The flowers and decor were created by Carol Silverston of The Original Touch and Jodi Raphael of Jodi Raphael Events.

The low key couple, doctors who met on the job, presented some truly memorable and light moments, as when the rabbi asked the bride if she would marry Tovy, and she replied, "sure". 

We wish them a hearty, Mazel Tov and many sweet years of marriage. Watch the video here!