Lyndsy & Mike's Love Story

Sometimes on, two people find exactly what they are looking for.

Lyndsy was seeking a "nice Jewish boy", and Mike immediately caught her eye. He was not only drawn in by her photo but also by the substance and personality on her profile. They emailed back and forth for a few weeks, and eventually switched over to texting.

The first date was nerve-wracking for Mike, who couldn't stop talking the entire time, but that broke the ice and got each of them more comfortable with each other.

Being together was just easy. They liked spending time together and couldn't stop thinking about each other. Mike loved her dedication and compassion, while Lyndsy loved how he made her a better person, and how constantly supportive he was.

Almost a year later, on a trip to Deep Creek Lake, they confessed their love for the first time. Later on, Lyndsy was starting to wonder when he would propose, so on a trip to San Diego, Mike finally revealed the ring he'd had for months.

The wedding ended up being exactly what they wanted, and flowed as naturally as their relationship. Lyndsy and Mike know this is just the first beginning of many more wonderful years together, and are excited about what the future will bring.

Zoe and Stuart's Wedding Day

Zoe and Stuart decided to plan a different kind of wedding. With both partners busy with their successful businesses (he owns a health club; she, a salon) neither had the interest or bandwidth to plan a big wedding in Charlotte, NC, where the couple lives. 

It took just a few minutes for the couple to agree that elopement was a great idea, and since Zoe had spent Summers in Boston, Boston was the perfect location for their elopement. Somehow, Zoe's dad knew someone who knew GENERATIONS and a short phone call layer, Jack and Naomi were booked to officiate (Naomi is a ULC Minister); video (Jack and Naomi); and shoot pics around Boston (Jack).

The team met up the previous night at the W Hotel, where the couple were staying for an extended weekend. After toasts and conversation, plans were finalized for the following (wedding) day. Zoe had arranged for permission to wed on the Prudential Skywalk surrounded By a few curious strangers and the stunning views of Boston. The weather was perfect, the couple was sweet and adorable, and the plans made for one of the most charming wedding days EVER. 

This video was later played at a reception for the couple back home in Charlotte, so all the couple's family and friends could share the day with them. Watch their charming piece below.

Sara & David - Wedding Highlights

This couple celebrated their love with a romantic beach wedding in honor of their first vacation to the Cape a few years back. David actually proposed to Sara in Paris, where he surprised her with the ring on the morning of her birthday. Their ceremony has many unique aspects to it, from the groomsmen's red pants to the bride sharing her bouquet of flowers. Watch all of their special moments below.

Location: The Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
Thanks to SD Events and Person & Killian Photography!

Getting Ready For The Big Day! (Montage)

Check out our collection of brides and grooms prepping for their special day. Touching pre-wedding cards, pocket squares and gowns that require a three-person bridesmaid team all make an appearance. Some brides feel like jumping on the bed for joy, others have limousine toasts. See what really goes on before the crowd arrives.

Bethany & Eric Wedding Feature

Bethany and Eric celebrated their wedding under a tent, in the rain, at Fruitlands Museum. Their playful energy and quick smiles spread warmth and sunshine all around. Watch their brief wedding trailer below.

For the full experience, now check out their full wedding feature. It's full of religious rituals, lovely vows, romantic dances, touching toasts and a Beatles parody song. There's even a special slideshow at the end that depicts their lives with old photographs and witty lyrics. 

Reneé & Chris - January 9, 2016

First, Reneé & Chris fell in love. The video above highlights their story.  From their lengthy email introductions, to their hilariously awkward first date, and the quick progression of events that followed. Their relationship was genuine, easy, and perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 1.14.19 PM.png

Then, the big day finally arrived. Watch Reneé & Chris's First Dance and hear their sentimental vows for each other. They were a match made in heaven, and full of "sunshine and laughter". They promised to love each other until the end of time. It can't get much more romantic than that. Watch the video below.

Special thanks to SD Events, DJ John Zucco, and Allegro Photography.

2016 Recap!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

To commemorate another successful year here at GENERATIONS cinemastories, we'll be updating our blog with a "Year in Review". Each day a new post will come out featuring a video we've made since the start of the year. From romantic wedding trailers to influential non-profit events, stay posted for a glimpse back at our hard work from 2016.

Perfect Backyard Wedding

I first met Lauren at an internship fair at Emerson College. As I looked over the long line of eager students waiting to chat with me about interning at GENERATIONS cinemastories, I saw a tall young woman with red hair (long on one side, shaved on the other), huge blue eyes and an intense and curious expression on her face  standing off to the side, chatting with a friend.

There was something compelling about her presence, enough for me to leave my post behind a table, walk over to her, and ask her if she was looking for an internship. She indicated that she was not, but we began a conversation that lasted for several years, during which time she became a trusted colleague, taught herself to edit on FCpro overnight, and first interned with us as an editor, then became staff when she graduated.

I first met Terry, who was a classmate of Lauren's when he came to our home to make a call to China where he was thinking of going to teach English. Lauren and Terry were college friends, and over the next year explored being in relationship. It didn't take long before the friendship blossomed into romance, and before long the two were planning a wedding for family and friends, in their backyard in South Boston.

Lauren and Terry's tight group of friends did all the planning, test cooking, cooking, decorating, inviting, and on 6/14/14 were married by one of their friends, Joe in their own backyard.

Of course we filmed the day from start to finish, and have been editing parts of the day for the past 2 years (friends, not official clients!). Enjoy!

Bethany and Eric at Fruitlands Museum

Bethany Boles is the actor daughter of our industry friend and colleague, Howard Boles. We were honored when Howard approached us about making his daughter's wedding film. It's always an honor to work with families who know, love and respect our work and the couple was perfect for us. Adorable, funny (she, direct; he, with a dry sense of humor); quirky and verbal, Bethany and Eric were great on camera.

Fruitlands Museum was a  perfect, romantic spot on a rainy day in May. Good humor and elevated moods provided the only sunshine, but the couple and the day were a bright contrast to the dreary weather outside. 

The couple met online, and knew quickly that they were destined to be, particularly after Eric invited Bethany to join him in an adventurous trip to a very strange Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA. From there on, it was only a matter of time before Eric planned the perfect proposal in the most lovely rose garden around. Bethany said "yes" and they quickly moved to formalize their commitment in a delightful and heart felt Jewish ceremony centered around their own vows.

Following the ceremony, the couple joined their guests on the dancefloor for a reception dj'd by the couple's good friend, with slide show and song by the bride's parents.

Watch the video here!


Zoe and Stuart Elope to Boston!

One afternoon, I picked up my phone to be introduced to a delightfully direct young woman by the name of Zoe who, with her fiancé, Stuart, had decided to take a break from their lives and work in Charlotte, NC, to elope to Boston the following week.

Could we provide stills and video? Sure. We could even officiate!

So with my certificate of good standing as a minister in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we created a new package, The Elopement; photo, video, and officiant.

We made a date to meet the couple for a drink in the lounge at the W Boston Hotel.  It was Thursday evening and the couple had spent the day shuttling between the marriage clerk's office at City Hall and the courthouse (to get a 3-day waiver) and back to the clerk’s office, then chilling out briefly before heading out to a festive dinner – a gift from Stuart’s mom.

Our first look: This couple was TOO CUTE!  Just adorable and warm and effusive – in short, our ideal couple. We toasted, talked and planned on filming a little “prep” the following morning.

The next day, I filmed the bride doing her hair and touching up her makeup and Jack filmed the groom in the lobby before we headed out to the Skywalk, where the couple had arranged to be married by me.

They wrote the sweetest, most heartfelt vows to one another and looked at each other with such understanding and adoration.  They were clearly “married” before I made it official, but I was honored and delighted to be there and to make it official.

We spent the next couple of hours shooting stills and video around town—at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square, down in the Back Bay T station, in the lobby of the Fairmont Copley, ending up with a toast at MJ O’Connors as a tribute to Stuart‘s Irish heritage.

Our plan is to put together a photo/video montage & Love Story for the couple to show at their wedding celebration party planned for Spring in Charlotte.

We’ll be working on that shortly. In the meanwhile, here are some stills from their video.

The new Elopement Wedding Package includes:  Officiant, Photography, and Videography

Contact us to reserve your date



Myrlene and Josue' - May 30, 2015

Myrlene and Josue' were stunning, romantic, funny and BUSY people! We were amazed that they managed to find time to plan their wedding between medical school and moving. The Stevens Estate turned out to be the perfect site for their late Spring wedding, and the couple's prayers for a gorgeous day were clearly answered. Thanks to Hannah Brielle of  Blue Ivy the day went on without a hitch. We especially loved the bride's luminous face and the groom's funny faces that we captured throughout the day. The BIG wedding party kept the everyone on the dance floor all night. We wish the couple an easy move and many years of joy!

Watch the video here!

"Hi Naomi and Jack,

Thank you so much! We didn't get the chance to thank you on our wedding day.

We were so excited to have you there capturing our wedding day and our love story. It was such a lovely day to remember. We look forward to seeing the full feature."

Katie and Brad - May 8, 2015

Katie and Brad came from 2 very wonderful and warm families. We were introduced to Katie's mom, Diane Foley, through Alison Rose of The stunning Omni Parker House where the reception was held.  We are big fans of Boston city weddings, and Katie and Brad took full advantage of the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston, to share their first look with lots of Bostonians and tourists.  The bride was radiant in a slim, cap-sleeved, lace dress. Katie was relaxed and smiling and spent much of her "getting ready" time helping her bridesmaids into their sparkling, bowed pink silk dresses.  We loved the junior bridesmaid and the littlest guys who were often the main focus of the room.

The ceremony took place at Our Lady of Victories in the South End. It was the Foley family's church, and resonated with warmth and welcome.  Wisely, the family chose to transport the wedding party, guests and us on trolleys to make sure we all arrived on time, and were spared Boston parking and driving.

We loved being part of the photo shoot in the Boston Gardens, and the season blessed everyone with a stunning floral backdrop.

Congrats, Katie and Brad - and much love to both of your families.

Watch the video here!

Congratulations, America!

Today, June 26, 2015, is an historic day. Today, our Supreme Court has granted ALL adults the right and responsibility to marry. We are proud to have supported Equal Marriage for all, and now are thrilled that there will no longer be "Gay" marriage and "regular (straight) marriage, but just MARRIAGE. It's about time!

We've been honored to do many same sex weddings, beginning on May 17, 2004 in Boston.

Here's the short doc we did about the first few years of Equal Marriage in Massachusetts, where this all started.

Hebrew College 10th Anniversary

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.00.35 PM.png

We were honored to be asked to produce the tenth anniversary celebration video for Hebrew College.

Hebrew College, sharing a campus with Newton Andover Theological Seminary, strives to support wandering Jews in finding their place in the world while supporting rigorous study and debate on the possibilities and traditions of the Jewish culture.

Many of the students and graduates found themselves developing into rabbis, spiritual leaders and teachers in the community. The video is based in many interviews, often filmed in the beautiful, skylit library. The diversity of personalities, views and paths showcased in this video was truly exciting.