Alexandra and Jonathan

As a wedding filmmaker, it’s easy to let all the weddings blend together over the years. As storytellers, it’s our job to portray these characters, if you will, so in order to avoid normalcy, we pay close attention to who they are as people and who they are as a couple, and most importantly: what makes them special? For Alexandra and Jonathan, our first wedding of the season, it became clear that their wedding was not just an eager leap into their future, but also an acknowledgement and celebration of their past, and of the time and effort dedicated to forming and maintaining their relationship. Marriage is a promise; a promise to be loyal and loving and to endure hardships together, as a team. In many ways Ali and Jono's relationship has already proven it's ability to uphold those promises, as their relationship has not only spanned years but also oceans and continents. Their guests came from all corners of the U.S., from different parts of the U.K., and South Africa, this truly was an international event. The support of family is always important, but when the support comes from all around the world, it says much more about the strength of the couple, and how they build communities wherever they go, and maintain them even when they're off to new places. Marriage is not a destination, it's a journey. And for this couple, who have journeyed long and far, it seems as though their future will be a walk in the park.

Congratulations Ali and Jono!