Non-Profit Videography

There are essentially two main reasons to consider regularly producing video for your non-profit.

First, good videography will clarify your organization's mission, purpose and brand. Who are the beneficiaries of your non-profit's work? How are they helped?

Second, top-shelf videography is a primary tool to use for fund raising. Every non-profit depends on grants and donations to do its work. Donors contribute when they are emotionally moved by the organization, and feel connected to the org's beneficiaries. Videos can debut at a gala where the org has a captive audience who is already there because they support the org. Videos live on through blogs, websites and social media. They can also be emailed to donors and prospective donors in order to initiate conversation. Video can provide regular updates about events and initiatives, and give donors the opportunity to feel part of the organization's ongoing efforts.

What makes a good non-profit video? Here, at GENERATIONS cinemastories, we avoid scripts and professional narrators. We believe that stories are best told in the first person, by the people who are most affected by the organization's work. We believe that there are subtle, emotional nuances experienced by viewers when stories are told in people's own words, with their own pacing and language structure. When there are several voices, authenticity will add diversity and interest to the project. 

A good interviewer is key to this authenticity. S/he should be warm, engaging, curious, and personally expressive so that small details like a nod, or a "wow" will encourage and support the person being interviewed. 

Here are a few links to videos we have produced for our wonderful, non-profit clients:  Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Gateways to Jewish Education  Grand Reopening of Boston Public Library