Perfect Backyard Wedding

I first met Lauren at an internship fair at Emerson College. As I looked over the long line of eager students waiting to chat with me about interning at GENERATIONS cinemastories, I saw a tall young woman with red hair (long on one side, shaved on the other), huge blue eyes and an intense and curious expression on her face  standing off to the side, chatting with a friend.

There was something compelling about her presence, enough for me to leave my post behind a table, walk over to her, and ask her if she was looking for an internship. She indicated that she was not, but we began a conversation that lasted for several years, during which time she became a trusted colleague, taught herself to edit on FCpro overnight, and first interned with us as an editor, then became staff when she graduated.

I first met Terry, who was a classmate of Lauren's when he came to our home to make a call to China where he was thinking of going to teach English. Lauren and Terry were college friends, and over the next year explored being in relationship. It didn't take long before the friendship blossomed into romance, and before long the two were planning a wedding for family and friends, in their backyard in South Boston.

Lauren and Terry's tight group of friends did all the planning, test cooking, cooking, decorating, inviting, and on 6/14/14 were married by one of their friends, Joe in their own backyard.

Of course we filmed the day from start to finish, and have been editing parts of the day for the past 2 years (friends, not official clients!). Enjoy!