Why Wedding Videos Suck


It may seem like an odd blog post title, but hey, follow me here. In 2004 wedding films, then called, "wedding video" was something of a joke. Lots of linear production with super slow mo, sappy music, and hardly any real story. GENERATIONS was our idea of how to make real films from the capture of a wedding day or weekend. We thought a wedding film should focus on the characters of the day, their feelings, thoughts, reflections, interactions. We avoided the predictable, the ordinary, mundane shots we were seeing everywhere.

We tell the story through first person narrative - that is, the words and emotions of people most involve in the day. That gives a feeling of authenticity rather than stylized action.

Recently, I posted an article/podcast by one of the luminaries in our industry. If you missed it, here it is again: https://musestorytelling.org/blog/why-wedding-videos-suck When you're finished look at some of our wedding films, and see the difference.