LIANA & JARED - July 30, 2016

When a wedding takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel, you know it's going to be beautiful, but these two were incredible. Her long-trailed dress was gorgeous, their color palette was lovely and easy on the eyes. Complete with unique decorations and keepsakes, Liana and Jared made their day one we would never forget. Watch the trailer below:

And here's Liana and Jared's full wedding film:

Zoe and Stuart's Wedding Day

Zoe and Stuart decided to plan a different kind of wedding. With both partners busy with their successful businesses (he owns a health club; she, a salon) neither had the interest or bandwidth to plan a big wedding in Charlotte, NC, where the couple lives. 

It took just a few minutes for the couple to agree that elopement was a great idea, and since Zoe had spent Summers in Boston, Boston was the perfect location for their elopement. Somehow, Zoe's dad knew someone who knew GENERATIONS and a short phone call layer, Jack and Naomi were booked to officiate (Naomi is a ULC Minister); video (Jack and Naomi); and shoot pics around Boston (Jack).

The team met up the previous night at the W Hotel, where the couple were staying for an extended weekend. After toasts and conversation, plans were finalized for the following (wedding) day. Zoe had arranged for permission to wed on the Prudential Skywalk surrounded By a few curious strangers and the stunning views of Boston. The weather was perfect, the couple was sweet and adorable, and the plans made for one of the most charming wedding days EVER. 

This video was later played at a reception for the couple back home in Charlotte, so all the couple's family and friends could share the day with them. Watch their charming piece below.

Sara & David - Wedding Highlights

This couple celebrated their love with a romantic beach wedding in honor of their first vacation to the Cape a few years back. David actually proposed to Sara in Paris, where he surprised her with the ring on the morning of her birthday. Their ceremony has many unique aspects to it, from the groomsmen's red pants to the bride sharing her bouquet of flowers. Watch all of their special moments below.

Location: The Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
Thanks to SD Events and Person & Killian Photography!

Getting Ready For The Big Day! (Montage)

Check out our collection of brides and grooms prepping for their special day. Touching pre-wedding cards, pocket squares and gowns that require a three-person bridesmaid team all make an appearance. Some brides feel like jumping on the bed for joy, others have limousine toasts. See what really goes on before the crowd arrives.

Bethany & Eric Wedding Feature

Bethany and Eric celebrated their wedding under a tent, in the rain, at Fruitlands Museum. Their playful energy and quick smiles spread warmth and sunshine all around. Watch their brief wedding trailer below.

For the full experience, now check out their full wedding feature. It's full of religious rituals, lovely vows, romantic dances, touching toasts and a Beatles parody song. There's even a special slideshow at the end that depicts their lives with old photographs and witty lyrics.