Love Stories!

What's most important about a wedding? The dress? The shoes? Hair? Makeup? Flowers? Band?

Food? Of course all those contribute to the beauty and magic of a wedding, but truly, weddings are about the couple. In keeping with our focus on the wedding couple, their love and story.

Some years ago we pioneered The Love Story - a film just about the couple. We sit down with the couple in their place or ours (we have a lovely, red velvet love seat that just speaks of love and romance!), often with a glass or 2 of bubbly, and chat informally, on camera,  about how they met, their first impressions of one another; their first date; first kiss; the moment each knew "this was the one"; the plans for the wedding and the future beyond the wedding; where the couple imagine themselves to be in 10 years; their dreams and ambitions. 

Then we take the story, edit it and intersperse it with photos/video of the couple during their growing relationship. When it's convenient, we may join the engagement photo shoot (with permission from the photographer) and film the couple just having fun together. When not possible, we often are given permission from the photographer to use some of the photos from the engagement photo shoot.

We put the video and photos together and produce a sweet, often funny story of the couple's romance and love. Showing the Love Story video at the rehearsal dinner is a great way to welcome guests to the weekend, and give them an intimate look at the couple's story.