Something Old, Something New, etc.

So many wonderful couples!

We've started our wedding and social event season just as our non-profit season is ending. We're excited to be filming so many lovely weddings; a bat mitzvah; a 50th birthday party and more...

We're producing quite a few Love Stories this year as well - and I am so excited to be officiating at at least one industry colleague's wedding this year. 

When it comes to weddings, I have one bit of advice: Give up the idea of perfection. Something WILL go wrong. Just as in life, perfection is unattainable. I have seen brides in tears when their makeup doesn't turn out as planned, or the florals required some last minute adjustments. Life, and a good marriage, are, of course, wonderful and exciting. However, nothing is ever perfect - not your spouse, your wedding or your marriage. Expect imperfections and you will be able to relax. We've all gotten confused from watching TV or movie weddings, where there are multiple takes, lighting and designers on set, and makeup and hair artists doing touch ups every few minutes.

Your wedding should be a time of joy and celebration of your love, & your marriage. Try to get off to a good start by surrendering the role of producer/director to your event planner or venue and just let yourself have the best time ever with family and friends.