Amanda and Jeff at Wequassett Inn, Cape Cod

Amanda (of Amanda and Jeff) is the sister of Brett (Nicole and Brett).

While Nicole and Brett's wedding was the height of urban glamor at State Room Boston, Amanda and Jeff wanted a more casual, beachy kind of Cape Cod wedding. They chose one of the most beautiful venues on the Cape,The Wequassett Inn

The couple lucked out with a perfect day, a stunning venue, a totally romantic location for their ceremony, on the beach; and a get-down-and-boogey party.

Here is a bit of their wonderful day.

The Mosaic that is Rashi 2015

2015 will mark our fourth year producing gala videos for The Rashi School in Dedham. Last year's project on the theme of Israel was a bit of a challenge for us, having never been there. We tried to get Rashi to send us there for  week so we could capture the eighth grade kids' annual trip to Israel, but in the end, they opted to hire a local videographer for half a day. We asked that some of the staff or kids do some shooting with their phones, and send us the clips. These turned out to be some of the most powerful parts of the project, carrying the hand-held, adventurous spirit of the trip.

This year the video will focus on Leadership, and we've already started interviewing and filming. It's going to be great.

UPDATE: Check out the finished video here.

A bit of last Spring...2014

Our 2014 Spring was overflowing with grand non-profit projects. We completed another Italian Home for Children Gala video We love watching the kids grow from year to year, and so admire the work of the staff at Italian Home for helping keep kids full of hope and joy.

A big part of the video was a tribute to the retiring CEO, Chris Smalls, who had helped shape the last 35 years of the organization. 

For those who haven't seen it, here it is:

Nicole and Brett 12.14.13

What a GORGEOUS wedding!

We love State Room Boston. We were delighted to hear how our bride, Nicole, had asked her attendants to find themselves red carpet - worthy gowns with the following specifications:

1. They couldn't be strapless and 2. They had to have some glitz.

Each BM came up with a very different version of the dress, and one was more stunning than the next. Of course Alex, the stunning bride's identical twin sister lead the fashion show with a deep v'd gown, front and back nothing but nude illusion silk. WOW.

The groom and his guys were stunning in their own right, donning black tuxedos and bow ties for the night.

The ketubah signing and  bedecken were officiated by Rabbi Michelle Robinson of  who welcomed everyone with warm enthusiasm and exuberance.

Truly there are few places that film as well as this venue. The State Room is dramatic, with the best city views around, and wonderful lighting. Mazel Tov to the happy couple!

Watch their video here!

Melissa & Austin 6. 7. 14 at Colt State Park, RI

The bride was straight out of a fairy tale: platinum hair, pale skin, flowing, creamy chiffon gown with sheer sleeves just to the elbow. 

The groom was dark-haired, adorable and a perfect visual foil for his romantic bride.

Bride, groom and wedding party consisted of some of the most well-educated (MIT),  healthy (ultra-marathoners), eloquent and delightful people we've had the privilege of working with.

The couple chose to wed outside, in a simple, ceremony area in the park, overlooking the bay. The weather was a perfect early June day, and the bright sun cast an otherworldly glow on the proceedings.

The ceremony was followed by an outdoor buffet lunch, topped off by a cupcake dessert.

After the guests had departed for a short break in the day's events, we took off with Brittany Blando and her assistant, Sarah, of for a lovely stroll through the park, and a low-key photo-video shoot.

The celebration continued at The Boathouse in Tivurton, RI where a lavish cocktail reception on the deck offered ample opportunity for the guests to eat, drink, toast the couple, and enjoy the gorgeous day into evening.

Here, for your enjoyment, Melissa and Austin:

Stephanie and Eric 5. 25. 14

Stephanie and Eric were married at State Room Boston on a beautiful day in May.

Of course the wedding was gorgeous; the bride, stunning; and the groom, handsome and enjoying every minute of the day. This was one playful couple!

As with many of our recent couples, we were asked to film the rehearsal dinner - always a great way to meet the wedding party, and the important guests, as well as an ideal time to capture the excitement and intimate toasts that are often part of the evening.

Here, then, are Stephanie and Eric starring in their highlight film:

Where have we been since January??

We've been out of touch with our poor blog for some time now (since January!) and have just returned. Here's some of our updates:

We moved from our 2nd floor studio in our home in Watertown to our NEW, fabulous loft space at 134 Beach Street, just half a block from South Station in Boston. Please come visit! Just call ahead to make sure we're not off somewhere on a shoot.

The Spring had us moving, unpacking and producing 3 exciting projects for our non-profit clients,

The Rashi School in Dedham, (contact us for password to view video), Italian Home for Children in Boston and  Hebrew College in Newton.

We are honored to have produced gala videos for the third year in a row for The Rashi School and Italian Home for Children.

Once the projects were shown in May, we switched our non-profit hats to our wedding hats and dived into wedding season.

It's always a treat to produce projects for repeat clients.

Beth and Lisa just celebrated their 3rd anniversary - and referred us (BIG thanks!) to their good friend Gail, who hired us for her son's stunning wedding at State Room Boston.

 Nicole and Brett starred in a most glamorous event. All the bridesmaids were told to buy red carpet, glam gowns, and WOW, one was more gorgeous than the next!  The couple didn't disappoint, either, and if you're watching the video, you're not seeing double,  that is the bride, Nicole's, identical twin sister walking her down the aisle.

A few months later, we were reunited with this wonderful family as Gail's daughter, Amanda, chose to wed her love, Jeff, at a perfect wedding (with perfect weather!) at Wequassett, on Cape Cod. A very different wedding, with a very different highlights we think. Enjoy the video here

Rebecca and Tovy at Fairmont Copley Plaza

What a gorgeous wedding!

It started for us on Sunday morning when photographer, Corrine Schippert, called me ... and all I heard for a moment was the sound of laughter. It was 11 am on a Sunday morning, and I was on my second cup of coffee, while Jack was playing a double header softball game with his local team.

Once Corinne stopped laughing, she told me that one of her bride's dads had just contacted her asking if she could find a videographer to film the wedding which was scheduled to start at 3 PM THAT DAY. I contacted the dad, indicated that I needed to contact my partner, and sent out a quick contract, then began to charge batteries.

I texted Jack (who was probably in the middle of a serious pitch) knowing that it was unlikely that we'd get in contact any time soon. A little after noon, I heard back from Jack, we were a go - and we began to pack our gear.

So glad we did. Rebecca (the bride) had a very elderly grandfather. We caught him dancing with his girlfriend off to the side, away from the dance floor. That moment alone made our day - although there were many other memorable moments including some lovely toasts from both sets of parents.

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Ballroom was stunning with fairy lights strung across the cobalt blue lit ceiling. The flowers and decor were created by Carol Silverston of The Original Touch and Jodi Raphael of Jodi Raphael Events.

The low key couple, doctors who met on the job, presented some truly memorable and light moments, as when the rabbi asked the bride if she would marry Tovy, and she replied, "sure". 

We wish them a hearty, Mazel Tov and many sweet years of marriage. Watch the video here!

Where did Summer and Fall Go?

I'm embarrassed that we've been MIA since the Summer. We've been holed up in our studio, getting ready to find a new studio space while glued to our computers editing the projects we filmed over the Summer and Fall.

If anyone knows of a space big enough to contain me, Jack and 2-4 assistant editors, please let me know. We'd love to be back in Boston. 

There are so many projects that are rolling off our post-production line that I'll be sharing in the next few weeks. I'm very excited to showcase some of them. January often seems like the time we start turning outward again, reconnecting with our clients, our colleagues and even our friends, and of course, sharing our work.

Love the green satin shoes! Thanks, Maressa and Andrew!

It's been a good week!

To all our friends and colleagues who were named "Best of Boston" today, a BIG congratulations!

It's been a great week. Perhaps the stars are lined up perfectly.

We've just set an all time record for number of bookings within a week and we are PSYCHED! We've met so many new, wonderful, radiant couples, our hearts are just spilling over in gratitude.

Many of them have told us that they like our work because it's not "cheesy" defined here as: Trying too hard, unsubtle, and inauthentic.(Urban Dictionary)

Contrary to the current trend, our wedding films are decidedly NOT Hollywood.

Unless you or your partner is a Hollywood actor, we like to think that the reality of being in love can be even more wonderful than any romantic fantasy. We don't have a script.We don't stage weddings. We mindfully capture each story as it happens.

You only get one chance to capture your wedding day. Everyone will look their best and also say the sweetest, funniest, kindest, most loving things  you'll ever hear. You don't want to miss this - and you'll want to watch and listen to your wedding film throughout your life. In all likelihood, your children, should you have them, will be excited and enthralled by your love story, your wedding, your parents, family and friends.

Wedding films are like visual time capsules that come alive, in the moment, through sound.

Making a Difference in the World

Most people know us as wedding videographers. Some also know that we do mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, rehearsal dinners. While we've always produced corporate and non-profit fundraising projects, this year we are excited to have welcomed back two of our non-profit clients from last year - The Italian Home for Children and The Rashi School.

The Italian Home for Children holds a special place in our hearts. We know that the children cared for there have challenging lives, but it lifts our spirits to witness the love and dedication we see in the staff, and the smiles and warmth we see in the kids.

This year we were privileged to film the Life is Good Playmakers doing a training with The Italian Home staff. Steve Gross, founder of Playmakers, amazed us with his understanding of children, and his passion for helping the Italian Home kids recover joy and laughter in their lives.

Here is the video we produced for The Italian Home for Children that was shown at the Gala, at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in May. The event was produced by Tasha Bracken of SD Events.

The Rashi School in Dedham offered us the opportunity to focus on the Arts at Rashi. We were delighted to see and hear how important the Arts are at Rashi, and the extent to which music, drawing, theater, singing, songwriting, music-making and even opera composition and performance, were seamlessly woven into the fabric of the school's rich academic education. We loved hearing the teachers speak so passionately about their areas of expertise, and we were  overwhelmed with the enthusiasm the students expressed in describing their experiences with Rashi, its teachers and curriculum.

The gala was held at The Seaport Hotel in Boston, planned and executed by Kim Stone, now in charge of Rashi Events. 

We are proud of the work we do with our non-profits, and are dedicated to using our talents to make a difference in the world.

To Film or Not To Film Your Wedding?

You've hired a great photographer. You love your venue. The flowers promise to be amazing. The colors are just what you wanted. You love your fiancee' (or fiance'). You are ready to take that wonderful walk down the aisle to marry the man or woman of your dreams in just a few weeks or days. Your best friend, mom, dad or uncle asks you about your wedding videographer. You brush the question off, smiling, and say:

1. I don't want a videographer. They will just be in the way, and anyway, we're already over budget.

2. We'll have wonderful still pictures and don't need video.

3. I hate having all those cameras and lights around.

4. We'll never watch the video anyway.

I hear you. I also hear all those couples who wish they had hired a good videographer to capture vows, toasts, blessings, as well as all the subtle and ever-changing expressions and gestures that pass between and among all the close friends and family during the day. 

Your photographer can capture magical moments during the day but only your wedding cinematographer can capture all the scenes and interactions and SOUND.

We want to thank the father of the bride who at the very last minute (yesterday morning!) realized that he didn't want to regret having not filmed his daughter's stunning wedding at The Fairmont Copley Plaza. We want to thank our friend and colleague, photographer, Corinne Schippert for thinking of us.
And, we want to thank our newest intern for showing up and working with us on
(literally!) a moment's notice.

There were so many tender interactions. I especially loved the many expressions that flickered across the groom's face as he watched his bride.
My eyes filled with tears (as they often do) as I watched - closeup, with a long lens - the parent dances.

Yes, it was challenging to put together a film crew at the very last minute. BUT we are very glad we could - and know that the family will be as moved as we were when  they see the trailer. Just the slow and sweet dance between one of the grandfathers and his girl friend could have made the last-minute decision worthwhile.

BTW - a good cinematography team should hardly be in the way - and many of our couples watch their wedding film on each and every anniversary. What a great way to remember why you married your partner!

The Nine-Year Anniversary of Gay Marriage in Massachusetts

“The arc of the moral compass is long, but it bends toward justice” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nine years ago we arrived at Rob and Dave’s home to film their getting ready for The Big Day. This was more than just any big day, though, as Rob and Dave were one of the seven plaintiff couples to win the right in Massachusetts for ALL couples to marry.

We met Dave Wilson and Rob Compton at a Gay Wedding Expo, co-sponsored by The Lenox Hotel and Bloomingdales. Spirits were high that day as vendors and couples alike were gearing up for the Supreme Judicial Court to rule on Equal Marriage in just a few days. Attorney Mary Bonauto had brilliantly argued the case for the seven couples, and as the ruling came down, with the decision written by Justice Margaret Mitchell, we all got ready for a big celebration.

A few days later we got a call from Rob and Dave, asking about our availability to film their wedding the coming Monday – May 17, 2004, the first day couples of all sexual orientation were able to marry in America.

We were proud that Massachusetts led the way with its historic decision.

We are now proud of all the 12 states that have realized that all people deserve the rights and responsibilities of marriage – should that be their choice.

On the morning of May 17, 2004, we arrived at the couple’s home around 7 am to chat and interview parents, children, in laws, and grandchildren.

The couple was being interviewed by one of the press, and Rob and Dave spoke emotionally and eloquently about their joy in finally, after being partners for many years, being able to marry.

From the couple’s house, we traveled to City Hall, where Mayor Menino welcomed us all to a private reception for the couple and family. Following the reception, we all descended to The Clerk’s Office in the basement of City Hall, so that Rob and Dave could sign their marriage license. There we were all greeted by a throng of news media anxious to document this historic day.

From City Hall we walked across the Plaza where the couple was greeted by thousands of well-wishers, to the courthouse, where Rob and Dave requested a 3-day waiver so they could be wed on the same day as they received their license. Waiver granted, we all piled into our respective cars to arrive at The Arlington Street Church, where members of the Gay Men’s Chorus sang as Rob and Dave walked down the aisle together, hand in hand.

The Reverend Kim Crawford Harvie officiated, reading the historic words from Justice Margaret Mitchell’s decision that gave all couples the right to marry. After the couple exchanged tear-filled vows, Reverend Harvie pronounced them “legally married in the state of Massachusetts”.

I will always remember the roar of excitement that accompanied those words as the couple shared their first kiss as husband and husband before recessing down the aisle, pausing for hugs and well-wishes from those in the church. It was especially sweet to see Dave’s 90 year old dad, and Rob’s mom hugging the couple as they recessed.

Here is a clip from Rob and Dave’s wedding film:

In the following years, there were efforts to overturn equal marriage, and I found myself following the trajectory of the story in the Statehouse and among friends until Equal Marriage was firmly established as the law in Massachusetts. As a result of the access I had to the political events around the issue, I found myself compelled to tell the story in a short film I made called “Legal at Last”.

Here then, is the story:

Summer Specials

If you are like many couples planning to get married Summer 2013, date, venue and photographer have been your top 3 priorities. Now that your wedding date is approaching, you may be hearing from friends and colleagues that you MUST have a wedding video. We don't agree. Just like there are venues and venues, dresses and dresses, shoes and SHOES (!) we believe that the only reason you should splurge on a wedding film, is if you believe that the toasts, vows, and reflections on your wedding day will have value in the future.

For those couples who have just realized that they want a great wedding film of their wedding this Summer, we have a few specials. Contact us - and see what we can do for you! If your wedding will be in Metro Boston, we can offer you an even more affordable option.

Contact me, Naomi, at Summer SPECIALS

To see what other couples have to say about us: wedding client reviews

Robin and Lucia

Our first 2013 wedding ...

We met Robin and Lucia when good friend, Dave Lee of Allegro Photography,
sent them our way. The couple felt like old friends from the start. Their love, their humor, their articulateness and their joy in self-expression made them perfect clients for us. From our first meeting, we knew that these two brides were perfect for our kind of wedding film. When you add in Jackson, Lucia's 5 year old son, and a wonderful bunch of dancing little kids, we realized the subject matter couldn't have been better.

So we invited Robin and Lucia over for a quick love story shoot. We edited it in time for the rehearsal dinner and showed it to family and friends on an ipad mini and a laptop. Low tech, very high touch!

The couple just returned from their honeymoon in St. Lucia (how romantic!) 
and can't wait to come over to watch some wedding media.
They don't know this yet, but we are putting the finishing touches on a fabulous highlights to be posted shortly. 

Three Sisters

We began with Rachel and Tyson, the first of 3 wonderful weddings of 3 distinctively different sisters and their husbands. Rachel and Tyson who got married at the elegant Asters Beechwood Estate in Newport, R.I., now have a wonderful daughter of their own. The second couple, middle sister, Amy, and her Navy Officer husband, Andrew, chose to wed on a windy beach on Cape Cod, at the iconic Chatham Bars Inn. Now they, too, are having a baby.
The third and youngest sister, Alana, and her honey, Andy, planned  their wedding against the backdrop of the beautiful, natural  Moraine Farms on the North Shore of Boston, in Beverly, MA.

Three wonderful sisters, three gorgeous weddings. The brides' parents were the most gracious of hosts (Thank you, Gail and Rich!) and thank you for everyone for making us part of three wonderful celebrations.

Here, is the last sister's wedding.


Time is often central to our work - as we film life's stages and rituals.

There are times, like the month (January 2013) almost ending when the stars seem to have realigned themselves so quickly and dramatically that most things feel new and transformed.

Life Cycle Events should leave all of us changed somehow, as if we had visited a deeper, more loving place that will stay with us as life moves us forward.