Naomi Raiselle, co-founder and creative director of GENERATIONS cinemastories, is the 2014–2016 Vice President of Membership and Member of the Year 2014 at New England Chapter, National Association of Catering and Events (NACE), the oldest national organization of catering and event professionals.


In 2011, while in the role of public relations chair, Naomi launched the Feeding our Neighbors initiative in collaboration with community service chair, Dana Siles, to educate the industry on event food donation and to dramatically reduce waste of unserved event food.

Many event professionals have despaired over the amount of wonderful food left over from events that ends up in the trash. Venues, caterers and others think they have no choice because they think there is a liability issue. In researching food donation, Naomi and her colleagues discovered that there is NO criminal or civil liability risk when donating food from events, in good faith, to food rescue operations.

Since discovering the complete protection offered by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996, Feeding Our Neighbors set out to inform the event industry about the law and has begun to set up partnerships with caterers, venues, planners, other event professionals and food rescue operations to facilitate the regular donation of unserved event food to those in need.

New England NACE is proud to be the founding chapter of Feeding Our Neighbors. The initiative has gathered support from The International Special Event Society (ISES) and The Boston Wedding Group. For more information please visit us at  or Facebook.


GENERATIONS cinemastories is excited  to be among the leaders of Feeding Our Neighbors. To learn how you can donate excess food from your event or help spread the word, visit us on Facebook or contact us.