Maressa & Andrew

“Just caught a look at the trailer…looking forward to the finished product, etc. in a few months time but WOW!!! So glad we did this with Naomi and her crew. Fabulous.”

Robin & Lucia

Where do we begin? Words alone do not do the team justice. Naomi, Jack and Tess were fantastic to work with and the quality of their pieces is outstanding. As we said after having watched the video—bucketful of awesomeness. We laughed, we cried and when it was over, we watched the video again. In fact, we were so excited with their work that we immediately shared our video with friends and family, and it was an immediate post onto on our Facebook walls.

Teresa & Chris

“We just received our dvds and are totally blown away. The video is high quality and the capture of our wedding day by Naomi and Jack is exactly how we remember it all (I tear up each time I wanted it!). My husband and I loved the messages from our family and friends too. We are so thrilled that we invested in not only a videographer but with GENERATION cinemastories. So easy to work with, with a wonderful end product. I can’t wait to show my family, especially my grandfather who missed parts of the wedding and has been asking each day to see this!”

Rashi School 2012

“Naomi – I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know that at school the day after the dinner, there was a definite buzz about how great (and unique!) the video was. Several people asked me for your website information which I’ve sent to them.”

Jenna & Brian

“I am so thankful that I decided to have my wedding filmed and that I was lucky enough to have Naomi, Jack and the GC team be the ones to do it! I have to say, I was considering skipping the film documentation of my wedding. Photographers are expensive enough and I was planning on putting all my “film” budget into the photographer alone. I never ealized how important film was until I saw my wedding trailer. Photos capture 1 moment in time, and while photos are important, video is priceless.”

Michelle & Shawn

“If you are looking for the best wedding film creators out there, your search stops here! Naomi, Jack and their team did an absolutely amazing job capturing the story of our wedding day and our relationship. When my husband and I we’re first planning our wedding, we were not going to have videography for a couple reasons, 1. We thought pictures would be enough and 2. we we’re not impressed with any wedding videos or companies that were out there. Then we met Naomi at a bridal show in Boston. We got to know her and her amazing work. It was so different than anything we had seen. We knew we found the perfect person to capture our day and there was no turning back. Our film is amazing!!”

Emily & Sean

“Words cannot adequately express how blown away we were by working with Naomi and Jack. From the first time we spoke on the phone, every interaction was nothing but a pleasure. There could not be two more genuine and creative people who bring incredible professionalism, artistry, and talent to their work. We were so happy to be sharing our wedding day with them and loved how important it is to Generations Cinemastories to have an understanding of the couple’s identity and story and what matters most to them about capturing the day.” 

Italian Home 2013

“The crowd loved the video and we’re so please, thank you!”